Tom Deisboeck

I love the fluidity of the 'space' between science, technology innovation and creative arts - all are pushing the frontier, never satisfied with the status quo. Some time, literally back in the last century, I went to Medical School in Germany, with several related research stints in the UK and all over the United States. I live now since almost 20 years in Boston and remain on faculty at Harvard Medical School. I also went to MIT in Cambridge to study business administration and currently run my own boutique consulting firm as well as work on a variety of healthcare-related startups. To balance the repressed artsy part of their brains, some physicians play instruments - beautifully; I tried but I can't. My creative outlets are drawings - such as the ones on this site - and inspiration for my cartoons comes from every day life, from my family & friends. Let me add, I am grateful for the encouragement and support of my teachers & mentors, Charles Zembillas (The Animation Academy, Burbank, CA) and John Byrne (The London Art College, UK). My cartoons appear regularly in Ragazine.CC, The Satirist and Small Print Magazine. I currently draw science cartoons for Taylor Francis and work on a children's book series for 4RV Publishing.

Life is a constant reinvention - or at least, it should be. Enjoy!